Elvie Breast Pump Hero Overview

Making a loud noise about an industry-first silent breast pump


YEAR: 2018


 As a newcomer to the sector, women’s technology company Elvie could not rely solely on their brand to draw visitors in. We worked to deliver a stand wholly focused on drawing attention to the launch of their newest product – the Elvie Pump – an industry challenging breast pump which recently made headlines when worn on the catwalk by model Valeria Garcia.

Elvie Exhibition Sketches

Given Elvie’s stand was all about the launch of their newest product – the Elvie Pump – the team brought the stylish and minimalist breast pump to the fore on a ‘pick me up’ plinth where passing visitors could examine it closely. Beautiful lifestyle photography and muted, sophisticated colours stood out among the brighter palettes that feature prominently at this show, to emphasise the game-changing nature of the product.

We worked collaboratively with our sister agency, Ignition, to utilise modular kit to deliver a high-impact booth in a small 20 sqm space.

Elvie Exhibition Visual
Elvie Exhibition Overall Stand Booth
Elvie Exhibition Sketches
Elvie Exhibition Pump Detail
Elvie Exhibition POS Detail
Elvie Exhibition Visuals

“The team are efficient, creative and a joy to work with. Their skills at designing unique, appealing, on-brand stands are very rare to find. The execution of their designs is carried on with great craftsmanship, efficiency and delivering on time. During Kind + Jugend 2018 we received great compliments from our clients and potential clients who were passing by when the stand caught their eye. Following the show, the team showed support over and above expectation. Pleasure to work with the entire team and we look forward to doing so again in the future”.

Tatiana Escobar, Global Head of Sales and Business Development, Elvie

Elvie Exhibition Overview

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