TWID - Dining with a difference

TWID - Dining with a difference


TWID is a quirky new Live music, cocktail bar restaurant in Wandsworth offering something a bit different. Having been open for around a week there is an understandable excitement around what the place is all about. From the outside it isn't clear what the offering is and the purple frontage, bold logo and minimal decoration conceal the exuberant theatrical feel of the interior. This may all be part of the concept however, as theatrical entertainment is served as a side dish to the dining experience


A large central table with surrounding dining places doubles as a temporary stage for a variety of performers and musicians.  While there we were treated to live opera while sitting in the high level 'boxes'. While seating spaces and stairways are narrow the experience is not uncomfortable. Service was excellent and the food was health conscious with the emphasis on more than kale and chickpeas.