Surly Bikes at Eurobike 2016

Surly Bikes at Eurobike 2016

Eurobike Surly Concept.jpg

PW are thrilled to have worked closely with the fantastic team at Surly bikes on their Eurobike 2016 booth. With a unique look and strong brand presence, the ethos behind the brand is apparent in everything they do. With a large screen showing their lifestyle imagery and characterful Instagram feed, the booth centres around the bar area with a feature bike display at the front of the space. The ramp concept leads the eye onto the booth while drawing attention to the latest bike frames and accessories.

A rustic material palette creates real stand out among some of the more polished exhibit alternatives and the brightly coloured frames work well alongside the up-cycled props and finishes to form a memorable look.

For more of our work in the field of cycling - bikes and accessories, see some of our other recent projects for Saddleback, Lapierre, and Nukeproof.

PW Lapierre 01.jpg

Lapierre - Large graphic panels with bold messaging provide the ideal backdrop for a range of sleek and eye catching bikes.

PW Nukeproof 01.jpg

Nukeproof - A combination of bikes and accessories displayed in a simple and high impact way for maximum competitor stand out.

PW Saddleback 01.jpg

Saddleback - This is a flexible retail kit that has been used for several years as a pop-up shop, exhibit and showroom experience.