Nespresso Cafe - Cheapside

Nespresso Cafe - Cheapside

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After a successful pilot cafe in Vienna last April, Nespresso have opened their first UK cafe in Cheapside, London. The coffee culture in the UK is thriving and no where is this more apparent than in the capital city. With the recent opening of the Starbucks concept cafe in canary wharf the way we buy our coffee and interact with baristas is changing.


We have recently been talking about information overload and the abundance of choice available having a negative impact on customer experience. Customers want speed and convenience, especially when it comes to their morning caffeine hit.  In their new format cafe, Starbucks have opted for a streamlined menu offering less choice and therefore faster decision making and an all round more efficient experience.

Nespresso have also opted for a simpler, curated menu. Baristas offer expert advice regarding the choice of Grand Cru and what foods will best accompany each selection. A variety of seating offers both comfort for those wishing to linger as well as bar stools for quick stops.

A wall version of the 'Nespresso cube' trialled in Vienna is perhaps the most notable addition to the cafe. The cube is the first digital and entirely automatic boutique that enables customers to select their choice of coffee pods via touchscreen and have them appear at a little window, packaged and ready to take away. This requires no staff interaction meaning the baristas are free to assist those in need of coffee related expertise. The speed and ease at which you can now purchase your favourite flavours also means that the space is more than just a cafe.

Having tried a new flavour during a cafe visit, how many people will be tempted to pass the full height wall of coffee pods and purchase a selection to take home and enjoy later? The simple interface, speed of delivery, neat packaging and contact-less payment make the whole process hassle free, boosting customer experience. With digital integration no longer a gimmick box to tick but a functional and desirable tool, will we see more big name brands introducing this technology?

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The cafe opening coincides with the launch of the brand's first connected coffee machine. The 'Prodigio' uses bluetooth connectivity through an app for those wanting to have their coffee ready as soon as they wake up. The app allows you to choose from a selection of coffees and brews (from pre-loaded pods of course) and also order more when your pod supply is running low. Remember the 1960's Teasmade? This is the 21st century version - no retro Bakelite in sight.