Ask the Designer, Interior Designer Magazine

Ask the Designer, Interior Designer Magazine

Our Managing Director, Chris Gwyther, contributed to the ‘Ask the Designer’ feature within January’s Interior Designer Magazine.

Chris was asked ‘Where is your favourite place to eat in the world (restaurant) and how does the interior of that space inspire you and work in harmony with the cuisine?’. Here’s his response:

“Vegan and vegetarian food have moved on considerably since the days of lentil hotpots and there’s no finer contender for that successful turnaround than Melbourne’s Transformer restaurant, in the city’s buzzing Fitzroy district. Its innovative, plant-based plates are full of bright colours, fresh ingredients and experimental flavours that are truly market-leading. Where it really scores, however, is the unusual combination of veggie food with a really intimate dining experience, achieved through great lighting and a strong biophilic feel, set within a revitalised industrial space, where the planting of Devil’s Ivy will eventually conquer the large ceiling spaces.”

You can view the article here.


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